Customer loyalty

Strengthening customer loyalty was a high priority during the year. Several areas are in focus, including price, private label products, offers and marketing. The overarching and common goal is to make it more financially beneficial for customers to be loyal to ICA Gruppen’s various businesses.

The right offering to the right customer – based on data-driven customer insights

An important element in increasing loyalty is to make interactions with customers more personalised and relevant. Several of the digitalisation projects currently under way within ICA Sweden, Rimi Baltic, Apotek Hjärtat and ICA Bank are aimed at meeting customer needs in an even better and more effective way – in both physical and digital channels.

Continued improvement of Stammis

The Stammis loyalty programme plays a key role in strengthening customer loyalty. Through the programme customers are awarded points on all purchases made at ICA stores, Apotek Hjärtat, ICA Bank and ICA Insurance. These points can then converted into a bonus. Customers who are members of the programme are also offered benefits and discounts from partners connected to the programme.

The number of customers in the Stammis programme continued to grow during the year, reaching more than 5 million at the end of the year. The programme has generated large amounts of data-driven insights into preferences and behaviour, and this in turn makes it possible to provide targeted offerings with the right message in the right channel and at the right price. Altogether this provides significant benefits for both customers and ICA retailers.

The programme was developed further during the year with a focus on four dimensions: More Profitable, Easier, More Fun, and Healthy & Sustainable Choices. Among other things, the number of products with Stammis prices was increased and the partner programme was further developed to include attractive offerings in areas such as entertainment, everyday services and travel.

The Stammis app is constantly being developed and in 2022 it became even more user-friendly. The functionality for smart shopping lists was improved and customers can now get a better overview of their balance and bonuses.