We continued to build food ecosystems ...

Loyalty discount on home mortgages

During the year ICA Bank’s new home mortgage offering was launched on a broad front. Customers receive an interest rate discount based not just on the loan-to-value ratio but also on their total purchases at ICA stores, Apotek Hjärtat, ICA Bank and ICA Insurance. With the new offering in place, ICA Bank has positioned itself as a strong challenger in the Swedish mortgage market.

The new home mortgage solution is being provided via the mortgage company that ICA Bank formed jointly with Ikano Bank, Borgo, Söderberg & Partners and Ålandsbanken.

Groceries and pharmacy products in the same basket – in store and at pharmacies or online

The collaboration between ICA and Apotek Hjärtat continued during the year, including re-location of a number of pharmacies to premises near ICA stores. Colocation of services makes everyday life easier for customers and at the same time enhances the local marketplace as a whole. The ambition going forward is to enable joint deliveries between ICA and Apotek Hjärtat. The previous pilot project will be developed further in 2023 – keeping pace with continued implementation of the new e-commerce platform, Ocado Smart Platform.

Good interest rate on new loyalty account

ICA’s new food account – a collaboration between ICA Sweden, the independent ICA retailers and ICA Bank – was launched at the start of 2023 and offers an advantageous interest rate on funds deposited as well as an extra bonus on purchases made. Making deposits or transferring money into the account is easy. The money can then be used to pay at ICA and Apotek Hjärtat, both in store and online.