High inflation and strong competitive pressure in a turbulent year

For Rimi Baltic the year 2022 was characterised by very high inflation, strong increases in energy prices and fierce price competition, mainly from Lidl’s new discount stores in Latvia and Estonia. There was a major focus during the year on responding to a changing world around us and market volatility. Activities included multiple initiatives with a bearing on price and value for money, store efficiency improvements, internal cost optimisation and the introduction of new ways of working.


About Rimi Baltic

Rimi Baltic Rimi Baltic operates a grocery retail business and has 297 wholly owned stores in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The properties owned by the Group in the Baltic region are also part of Rimi Baltic. At year-end Rimi Baltic had 81 stores in Estonia, 133 in Latvia and 83 in Lithuania. Rimi Baltic’s combined market share in the region is 13%.


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18,482 SEK m

Net sales 2022

682 SEK m

Operating profit 2022*


Operating margin 2022*

*Excluding items affecting comparability