Working for increased inclusion

ICA Gruppen works actively to create an inclusive culture. Inclusive means that everyone feels respected, valued, supported and encouraged to achieve their full potential. This is about the right to be yourself. ICA Gruppen believes that inclusion and diversity are strong factors in promoting creativity, innovation and a sense of belonging. Inclusion and diversity is one aspect of ICA Gruppen’s HR strategy and ambition for 2025. Multiple initiatives are under way within the Group to increase diversity, such as creating jobs for young people and helping newcomers to the country to get established.

Examples of ICA Gruppen's activities:

  • ICA Gruppen’s joint ambition for ­inclusion and diversity 
  • Initiatives to improve the employment prospects of people who are far from the labour market 
  • Training and workshops to create an inclusive culture 
  • ICA 50/50 

Sustainability targets within the focus area

  • 50/50 gender balance in key ­positions1
  • Employees consider the work environment to be free from harassment and discrimination
  • Employees feel that everyone has the same opportunities, regardless of their background
  • Employees feel that they can be themselves at work

1 Indicator reported in ICA Gruppen’s interim reports from 2021.