New targets and strategies to reduce environmental impact

ICA Gruppen’s ambition is to minimise the Group’s own environmental impact, create a climate neutral business and inspire customers to make more sustainable choices. In addition to an emphasis on reducing climate impact and food waste within ICA Gruppen’s own operations, cooperation and partnerships are key factors to meet the challenges in the value chain.

Examples of ICA Gruppen's activities:

  • ICA Gruppen’s joint climate ambition 
  • Active efforts to reduce the amount of plastic packaging and switch to recyclable, recycled and renewable plastics 
  • Focused efforts to reduce food waste 
  • Launch of the ICA Växa (ICA Grow) initiative 

Sustainability targets within the focus area

  • ICA Gruppen will cut food waste from warehouses and stores in half by 2025
  • ICA Gruppen’s own operations are to be climate neutral by 2020, and have a net zero climate footprint no later than 20301
  • ICA Gruppen’s suppliers are to adopt science-based climate targets no later than 2025
  • ICA Gruppen aims to cut the climate impact of customers’ grocery purchases in half by 20301
  • Fossil-free road transport within all ICA Gruppen’s Swedish operations by 2030, and as early as 2025 in the three metropolitan areas
  • All plastic food packaging for private label products to be recyclable by 2022
  • All plastic food packaging for private label products to consist of recycled or renewable materials by 2030

1 Indicator reported in ICA Gruppen’s interim reports from 2021.