Expanded offering for better health

One of ICA Gruppen’s overall ambitions is to help promote better public health. By virtue of ICA Gruppen’s size and through cooperation, the various businesses within the Group are well-equipped to reach out and in various ways inspire people to live a healthier life. The health aspects include both preventive activities in the form of healthy eating habits and regular ­exercise, and simple healthcare services and advice on medicines and personal finances.

Examples of ICA Gruppen's activities:

  • ICA Gruppen’s joint health ambition 
  • Mental health support for young people 
  • Partnership between ICA and Min Doktor 
  • Inspiring healthy eating habits, movement and exercise 

Sustainability targets within the focus area

  • By 2020 ICA Gruppen will be perceived by consumers as the actor in the market that most clearly help them make healthy choices
  • Customer fruit and vegetable ­purchases in Sweden are to be equivalent to consumption of 500 grams a day per person no later than 20251

1 Indicator reported in ICA Gruppen’s interim reports from 2021.