Focus on local suppliers and communities

ICA Gruppen’s ambition is to actively contribute to local communities where we operate. There is substantial and growing demand for locally produced food, both in Sweden and in the Baltic countries. Increasing numbers of consumers want to eat more locally produced food. ICA Gruppen is working actively to increase the amount of locally produced food in the product range, and to support rural areas and help keep communities alive in various ways. In addition, the Group’s operations – in particular the local ICA retailers in Sweden – contribute to their communities through fundraising campaigns, projects and sponsorship.

Examples of ICA Gruppen's activities:

  • Major efforts to promote locally produced food 
  • Support for local communities and risk groups during the Covid-19 crisis 
  • Increased access to simple healthcare services 
  • Extensive sponsorship nationally and locally 

Sustainability targets within the focus area

  • At least 58% of customer survey respondents are to be of the opinion that ICA Sweden is good at using and supplying Swedish produce
  • ICA Real Estate’s marketplaces are to be inclusive, safe, secure, resilient and have sustainable transport systems that reduce dependence on fossil fuels by 2030. All locations are to have a sustainability plan.