A year characterised by Covid-19

For Rimi Baltic, 2020 was dominated by the Covid-19 pandemic. Extensive restrictions and closures resulted in a significant decline in the number of customer visits for many months of the year. Stores in city centre locations and shopping centres were affected the most, as well those in border locations. The negative development in the number of customers was offset to some extent by a higher average spend, positive mix effects and lower logistics costs.


About Rimi Baltic

Rimi Baltic operates a grocery retail business and has 283 wholly owned stores in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The properties owned by the Group in the Baltic region are also part of Rimi Baltic. At year-end Rimi Baltic had 84 stores in Estonia, 131 in Latvia and 68 in Lithuania. Rimi Baltic’s combined market share in the region is slightly more than 14%.1

1 For a definition of market share, see page 35 in Annual Report 2020.

16373 SEK m

Net sales 2020

703 SEK m

Operating profit 2020*

4.3 %

Operating margin 2020*

*Excluding items affecting comparability